Entreps: a word for a World

From “We, the Peoples of the United Nations” to “We, the Entrepreneurs of the World”,

When.- Our informal very beginning occurred at 245, Newbury Street, Boston (MA) on June 26, 2010 (The United Nations was born in San Francisco on June 26, 1945).

Where.- Our Magna Carta was passed in Brussels on June 26, 2014. 

What.- Entreps. We dreamed of giving the entrepreneurs and business people who work hard an International Organization to lobby worldwide for the best of them both, so here we are. At last, we are the United Nations for entrepreneurs and business people. We are your voice and home.

Why.- Why not? Because if business has no borders we can harmonize pieces of legislation, taxation and education subjects for simplifying and bettering our lives, looking for best practices, with the due respect to the Earth and to Honesty.

How.- We have and collect new members and ambassadors from around the world, and you can become the next one, for free or by voluntarily funding us.

Who.- Person by person, city by city, people by people, country by country, continent by continent, government by government, entity by entity, company by company and leader by leader, making decisions and lobbying the others with us: The International Board of Entrepreneurs, for the best of entrepreneurand business people.

By.- Getting familiar with our Magna Carta, teaching Entreps as a DNA-subject, introducing us to governments and companies, implementing our recent and coming initiatives, giving us ideas and proposals, teaching our subjects, joining our events, speaking our universal plus simple language, becoming either our member or our ambassador, or just sharing your resources with us and funding us your way.

We, the Entrepreneurs and business people of the World are the Entreps of the World.



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