Entreps Passport in few words

Thanks to the @EuropeanUnion we make a difference along the Old World.

Our President @JoaquinBoston is in Brussels, where decisions are taken, shortening the distance between the current Power and our entreps: business people & entrepreneurof the world.

By a new “Entreps Passport” (article 71 of our http://www.entreps.org/magna-carta/) companies and autonomous workers would become “local” everywhere + every time, just carrying their unpolluted business profile from their home countries or regions to settle digitally in minutes in the new area so that they do business as local firms right now + right here, though far from home.

Talented @MalosseHenri (President of @EU_EESC) and Carlos Trías (President of CCMI), explore how to open new paths to develop www.entreps.org.

Become a new individual entreps member free, spread the word and support the “Entreps Passport”: http://www.entreps.org/magna-carta/chapter-x-we-lobby/


By Mercury Grabinsky

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