Interview with President Boston. The full transcript.

On Friday, June 26, 2014, nicknamed correspondent Alexander Alf interviewed President J. Boston in the Cabinet Room of the Blue Wall. The President discussed both his insights and the challenges the International Board of Entrepreneurs faces as he begins his worldwide tour. Below is a transcript of that interview.

ALEXANDER ALF: The Magna Carta of the International Board of Entrepreneursounds very much like an unaffordable dream. What are you trying to get across?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: I often prefer to let our music do the talking. Our onstage principles and measures have long been shown, but it didn’t sound like a universal band until now. The International Board of Entrepreneurs (Entrepsspeaks 26 languages and our piano-words provide the most direct line to any business agent’s heart. We needed a Magna Carta and so we made/created/drafted one.

And what business people and entrepreneurs have been frustrated about, especially since the early twenty-first century systems’ globalization, is the sense that the rules are rigged against those who risk their resources for the sake of society’s development. Let’s say small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), autonomous workers, researchers, traders, scientists, executives… entreps.

Our sustainable world looks for new middle-class families doing business and those aspiring to get into a business-friendly world instead of getting into a subsidized one; all of it without restrictions except for the due respect to the Earth and to Honesty.

ALEXANDER ALF: Since you run a non-profitable international organization similar to the United Nations, you’ve made an effort to stay neutral about politics and politicians. How do you fund the International Board of Entrepreneurs?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: Well, we are kind of like the United Nations for entrepreneurs and business people, so we live off of our members’ and fellows’ voluntary contributions. You become a member for free, but people usually try to contribute what they can.

If every regular person would contribute an amount between 10 and 1,000 euros a year, it would be enough, but trust me when I say that some don’t even have ten euros. How much do you have left to help us? (laughs)

ALEXANDER ALF: President Boston, do you really trust politicians?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: We lobby governments and companies for the best of business people and entrepreneurs, so we don’t need to be at odds or have a perfect relationship with the former. We listen, analyze, speak and act, that simple.

Though we need at least double the resources we have, some fellow members like governments are willing to help by offering us premises, endowment, media support… and other fellow members, like several companies, give us air (energy) offering their human resources, free flights, accommodation and related services to our ambassadors, online visibility to the organization, and they are even willing to sponsor our initiatives with real money and real decisions.

We are lucky and need to keep the ball rolling, of course. By the way, our potential fuel may be anonymous individuals clicking here to fund us:, where people contribute their own way, by their own rules.

ALEXANDER ALF: Do you mean that companies and governments can be part of the International Board of Entrepreneuras well?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: I mean that, since we are a private-public mix (non-profitable) organization. Companies and governments can expose their criteria and identify certain laws and measures to be passed and taken. Since we don’t try to force anyone, they can disagree partly from us too, of course.

ALEXANDER ALF: Tell us about some initiatives Entreps promotes.

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: First of all, we are international, so our goals have no borders and can be adopted and taken by every single government or company.

If you want to be an active agent we highly recommend you get familiar with our Magna Carta, which in few words describes our organization, our principles and our very first initiatives. By swearing or affirming it you are part of us.

There are three initiatives we start with by harmonizing what we think is basic:

            a).- The first year is taxation-free for every new business venture an entrepreneur starts, no matter if they already ran other businesses.

We do not like grants nor subsidiary business-friendly measures if they are not related to results and effort.

            b).- To introduce into official a new cross educational subject: Entreps, strengthening on inserting an entreps’ DNA into children’s, teenagers’, and young adults’ blood.

            c).- to create and implement an international entreps’ passport for us to do business wherever by just starting in a region of the world and moving around with only one official record.

We could continue speaking about it because, summarizing, we need less legislation and procedures, less killing taxes, and more real connection between public policies and business affairs. All of it in an international pot cooked by good bunch of chefs, and we will evolve together.

ALEXANDER ALF: Are our societies prepared to stand with these goals you back?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: Our society needs shared illusion, something to believe in, and above all, we dream of fighting for something what really matters: a common future, a sustainable-profitable common future.

ALEXANDER ALF: Define this term you use: entreps.

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: “We, the Entreps of the World” offer jobs, we are pioneers, people who are considering starting a business, or are already running a venture. Our individual right to be called: Entrep,” will last until our new business activity has formally passed the age of ten years old. Our business movement is called “Entrepment” and the proper adjective to describe us is “Entreping.” Our verb is “to Entrep;” he or she “Entreps” when doing what has been stated above.

ALEXANDER ALF: You have met people like former Presidents, kings, ambassadors, celebrities… You people are really influential.

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: We have met bakers, professors, taxi drivers, engineers, nurses, doctors, pilots, CEOs, jewelers, lawyers, economists, traders, military, fishers, scientists, astronauts, farmers, programmers, painters, chess players, writers, movie makers … too.

ALEXANDER ALF: J. Boston, why?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: What is funny is that there were three people named like me. One of them was a famous soccer player, another one was a criminal, and so was I. At airports customs police used to ask more than was normal and I decided to get a different second name to travel quicker, not delivering autographs or getting arrested either (laughs).

ALEXANDER ALF: I would like to know you a little bit more, what businesses have you run?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: I started when I was eight, building a Pin-ball machine with a friend from nothing but a wooden panel, a colorful and resounding spoiled toy, some marbles, a couple clothespins and the plastic fringe of beer’s box. We had just tried to play what in bars was forbidden to children, but by renting it to other children we became the richest boys of our neighborhood. Don’t tell anyone, but there were no taxes on businesses run by children.

Then we grew and I very much liked consultancy so I ran a couple business ventures of this type.

Part of my business life has been really close to governments’ chiefs, from every ideology and condition, being a Finance-man sometimes, a Vice-President of Human Resources for over 2,100 people, a representative for over 250,000 people, a Vice-President for Institutional Relations… I don’t like being only public or only private; I am a mix-man.

I came back to business after leading every public policy, just to remember what was “really real”, what happens down there in the streets and in markets. I love Business the same way I love Nature and Honesty.

Paddle-tennis, Apps, Settlement, the Internet, Agriculture, Trading, Business to Business services… I have failed more than I have succeeded, and I was really Young, that’s the secret to have become an almost-mature business person.

ALEXANDER ALF: Someone you really dream of becoming?


ALEXANDER ALF: I will say goodbye in a sec, but tell me who the people are that the International Board of Entrepreneurs is proud of?

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: Children and young adults (roundteens and adultagers, in our language), scientists, people with needs fighting for their future and the ones who have never succeeded if trying once and again, and again.

ALEXANDER ALF: A recommendation.

PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: Two. The first: fail, try, fail, try, succeed just if possible, and fail again. The sooner, the better, and the second: do trust your seniors more than your eyes.


PRESIDENT J. BOSTON: Have a good week Alexander.

By Alexander Alf

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