Chapter VII: Youth

Article 39: Entreping Spirit and Partnerships

Youths are more important than anything since they, when adults, will run the world and do business with responsibility after We, the Entreps of the World, have taken the very first steps on entrepment. Every one of us has been young, and would change our former education and upbringing in some way if we had been capable, so we cannot wait for others to make the same mistakes. We, the Entreps of the World, will not foster a low-profile society educating youth on nothing but becoming well-paid, dependent workers, or expecting something without activating their brains or hands. We try to contribute to achieving that youths become well prepared, skilled, happy and mature enough, to avoid laziness and lack of strength for them to use reason, make decisions, solve problems, add value and be autonomous and self-sufficient. If the future depends on us, we should teach the future to do better, not to do the same.

Article 40: Two Ages for Building a Business Mind

We distinguish two ages to build the business mind of the talented youth: from childhood to early teenagers of fifteen, which we call roundteens, and from sixteen to thirty, which we call adultagers.

Article 41: Children and Early Teenagers: Roundteens

No age is the best nor the worst to learn to make decisions if you find results, but We, the Entreps of the World, find that children studying compulsory education react to and imitate behavior, so everyone should be well aware of our opportunity to know about their worries and priorities in advance, show them discipline vs. open paths, teach them about life in society and especially what is necessary to do for a living. We should give them the chance of innovating from and against our rigid structures if necessary, so that We, the Entreps of the World, find results in their creativity, talent and evolution as well, against an educating regime based on only memorization. They want to make decisions and the sooner the better, if being cooperative and humble enough. We establish an approximate range between just kids to fifteen years old, then they will be makers of decisions and potential business people, becoming less dependent on us. Any kind of entertainment and business experiences (real or just fictional), education systems and close family, as we can see in articles 43, 44 and 45, are the main contributors in taking care of them.

Article 42: Adultagers

Teenagers to young adults are our university society and they range from pre-entreps to first-owners of startups. We catalogue them as adultagers because they age to become adults, not only because they grow, but because they cannot live on their parents anymore so it is mandatory to teach them about the main business equation: “failure-failure-failure-success” because this is life: a constant failure to succeed right at the end. You never know when things match enough to succeed, so the sooner we and they learn to accept failure as an essential part of our future success, the sooner we will step forward to the next challenge, with the experience of our mistakes in our backpacks. We establish an approximate range from sixteen to thirty years old, and along this process they make decisions, make mistakes, achieve small and great goals, restart when necessary, and above all, look for becoming leaders of their lives more than dependent workers.

Article 43: Entertainment and Business Experiences on Roundteens

1. Entertainment and business experiences (real or just fictional) are the water for the river any young brain is, since enjoying and contrasting with real life are essential to learn easily and over the long term.

2. No discipline just by itself fulfills targets without something in exchange, so it is part of our mission to convince entertainment agents and business developers that, since they have children’s and early teenagers’ future stuck to their images and sounds, they have to make compromises in exchange for their revenues.

3. Some of these compromises are to teach children and early teenagers about life in society and especially what is necessary to do for a living, without protecting them in excess nor injuring them with traumas, nor blocking youths to take action and make decisions.

Article 44: Education Systems on Roundteens

Whatever education system a region uses has to contemplate creativity and innovation as a key part of the brain-nurturing of its “future customers”: Children and early teenagers, since just-memorization-based plans kill talent, business and evolution, and run against a skilled society. Learning materials and students’ environments should encourage fair competition and brain training more than preparing them to accept their low-profile existence, if so.

Article 45: Close Family and Fellows on Roundteens

Close family should give warmth and self-confidence to their siblings and relatives, so that they grow in a world of open paths where not everything is banned, and, above all, where children and early teenagers are open-minded enough to dream of becoming leaders helping leaders, more than workers working for other leaders. So, less dependent children and early teenagers easily find the proper way to become business developers, green and respectable to others’ rights, making decisions for a well-integrated society.

Article 46: First Comments on Adultagers

In addition to the statements of articles 43 to 45 which are certainly applicable to adultagers in most cases, we highlight the importance of public powers’ measures on adultagers, because the more adultagers have to fight to fulfill their goals, the stronger they are in the future, so it is preferable to bet on administrative simplicity, low-rate credit flow and no taxation over certain periods, than on grants and subsidiary systems.

Article 47: Key Education of Adultagers

1. University and related studies mark the break-even point of the adultagers’ professional careers, so it is indispensable to introduce scholarships for entrepment and practical business courses throughout these studies.

2. The most powerful machine of creating non-dependent jobs is professional education, usually parallel or previous to university studies, and for this reason we should encourage education plans to guarantee at least fifty percent of business-developer students coming from these classrooms.

3. Business schools host business developers and executives so their influence on entrepment goes directly to the core of both emergent and early-stage firms. This statement permits us to say that if every business school impacts on adultagers, teaching them about starting up instead of just running others’ ventures, the leadership of every region in their scope grows and grows.

4. Non-official courses, conferences and other meetings usually strengthen networks between entreps and their partners, investors, suppliers, potential customers, and other entrepal, so professional education, university learning, and business schools’ programs should not only be boards with words and figures, but business networking platforms as well.

Article 48: Successful Entreps with Adultagers

1. It is really useful to share time or projects with “real people”, meaning real entreps having been successful or having failed, since whatever they have done is an advantage to the new ones.

2. Such experiences can come both spontaneously or previously planned, so we encourage successful and ruined entreps to pro bono collaborate and share their experiences with adultagers in open conversations be to be.

Article 49: Commercials on Adultagers

When you are an adultager, everything gains importance when properly delivered, so if commercials, movies and broadcasted shows put an emphasis on scoring better and on persistent people instead of lazy ones, it will make a difference in business terms.

Article 50: Influential People Leading Adultagers

Adultagers usually need personal references or alter egos to imitate and there is no one better than prominent personalities to take advantage from this certainty. Based on this statement, we should teach relevant personalities about leadership and business so that they can show their potential business capacity to their followers.

Article 51: Couples and Friends

Entreps, and above all adultagers, have and show tons of energy for entrepment and for networks, which is highly necessary to succeed most of the time, but usually it takes time so that their partners and friends lose track of them for hours and key moments. The admittance that this is obvious and generalized gives us the opportunity to tell these partners and friends that doing business accomplishing dreams is done not because the entreps want to forget them or diminish them, but for the sake of creating a path to enrichment looking forward to enjoying your future time or just for the sake of a different route of obtaining happiness (their hobby): doing business itself.