Chapter VIII: Blood of Innovation, Tech & Science

Article 52: Principal Considerations

1. Other than the great principle of the rightful Respect to the Earth: innovation, technology and science are almost the other only ways human beings have to maintain a fair enough balance with Nature, since our history of mistakes has often exploited the given equilibrium between animals, plants, oceans, lands, the atmosphere, the whole Earth and beyond order. We, the Entreps of the World, in an Earth, more crowded than ever, need innovation, technology and science, and a sustainable place to apply them.

2. The term Entreps could frequently stand for Innovation itself, for the challenge entreps have is to be born, survive, compete, and succeed against the established regime of things, so that either you innovate and appeal to customers, or you just disappear.

3. Technology could partly be considered part of innovation, but to entreps, technology has its own added value because it can be defined as the optimum use of what you have, settling things once and again, and again, until we not only perfectly mimic Nature, but decipher its hidden limits as well. We could say that technology gives seniority and attractiveness to innovation.

4. Not a single entrep would deny a clear ambition of becoming a scientist, for science is research looking for what is not known. An entrep is like a scientist and tries time and time again to find new paths of making improvements. Successful entreps are usually active-minded, explorers, combiners, and enthusiastic, and so they fail more than win, but persist until results come. After results, both of them look for new results.

Article 53: Quicker Advance

1. The International Board of Entreps should facilitate that people, populations and companies from around the world share their achievements of innovation, technology and science because we estimate that most of the paths we do not walk on are narrow or blocked just like a consequence of the absurd and selfish custom of “keeping-mine” which are keys to sustainable development.

2. Governments, mass media and related agents are the conductors of information around the World, so we could knock on their doors to invite them to teach people and specifically children and entreps about what every future is all about: innovation, technology and science, with the due respect to the Earth.

Article 54: Futurers

The International Board of Entreps has a title to name the monetary powers expressly helping entreps who innovate, use technology and encourage science in their business ventures: Futurers.