Chapter XIII: My Sector, Your Place, Its Size


Article 86: Ecosystems

1. We entreps would like to be so well-organized that our advances were the consequence of previous assessments and processes of measurement and comparison instead of the random effect of simple improvisation and unrepeatable luck. Therefore we create a scope of relations between entrepal: entreps and fellows, based on and combining these three marks in different levels depending on the:

a. sector, of activity,

b. place, of development and commercialization,

c. size, depending on the invoicing amount.

2. Segmentation makes us reliable.


Article 87: Sector

We, the Entreps of the World, usually see our sector of activity as mere competitors to be avoided, forgetting the improvement process of sharing ideas, methods and conclusions with other failures and leaders (which would better us most of the time), and frequently we do not evolve more consistently because of our lack of vision when hiding from and avoiding meeting our rivals, so we can be proprietors of only something small because of our fears to openly compete then we should:

a. select and catalogue what is shareable with our peers and related sectors, being as flexible as possible;

b. strengthen our self-confidence, admit our failures same way as we celebrate our success;

c. appoint regular and extraordinary encounters within our sector; and

d. combine the Sector frame we have drawn with some incursions in other marks like Place and Size.

Article 88: Place

We, the Entreps of the World, usually see our marketplace no farther than our region, city or neighbor, even smiling at whatever comment that breaks our preconceived criteria when in fact less than twenty four hours is enough to go around the whole Earth. This very first statement is seasoned with two generalized complexes of: settling our business as something local to scale it, just in case, and limiting our marketplaces to regions speaking the only language we are skilled to use, as if business ventures only depended on us individuals and our personal limitations. So, We, the Entreps of the World, should reduce our marketplace scope only if it is impossible to be global, and should use as many languages as we can to widen our field of play, appointing regular and extraordinary encounters with agents from the places our business venture is interested in and the next places we plan to settle in. Combining the Place frame we have drawn with some incursions in other marks, like Sector and Size, will enrich our results.


Article 89: Size

1. Size, being an aspirational aim, is the most scalable trait a business venture can mutate along time, so We, the Entreps of the World, should plan where and when we will be while growing our size, incomes and profits (or the opposite if necessary), so that while becoming bigger or smaller we are not taken out of of the market because of our lack of foresight. By definition every business project should aspire to a sustainable growth process.

2. We bet on appointing regular and extraordinary encounters with agents with the same size, including a step up and a step down in size (just to prevent our shape oscillations),   and bet on combining the Size frame we have drawn with some incursions in other marks like Sector and Place to explore new paths coming to us.


Article 90: The Biggest with the Smallest

1. The sooner you boost your planned encounters combining the given Sector/Place/Size business scope, the more reliable you entreps will become to others, no matter if they are boosters, customers, suppliers, partners, the rest of entrepal, or even competitors.

2. These combinations of encounters, preferably to be hosted and encouraged by big and medium size companies, should consist of sharing criteria and resources; presenting business projects to be invested; bettering processes, products and services; proposing certain measures to be taken by governments; and whatever else not being pacts damaging any entrepal.

Article 91: Net of Entreps

Entreps are used to starting with nothing but a good idea, few resources, a strong will, and a bunch of contacts, so we should facilitate an international (regionally structured) net of premises for entreps where they are welcome wherever, can meet and do business abroad any time and get advice on the particular business culture and legislation of the chosen region, when necessary. Creating this entreping net that includes every entrepal without exclusions is: international, multilingual and primarily private. The designing and management of this international net is one of the commitments of the International Board of Entreps, here before presented, and every center which is a part of the net is called “Entreps Center”, preceded by the name of the entity mainly promoting every center.