Chapter XIX: Our Signature

Article 110: Signatory Agents

1. The present Magna Carta shall be ratified by the signatory agents in accordance with their respective criteria.

2. The ratifications shall be kept with the Founder of the International Board of Entreps, who shall notify the signatory agents of every modification or future addition to it.

3.  When being made by representatives of Governments, companies or associations, the present Magna Carta shall come into force as a manual of best practice, upon the deposit of every ratification by the signatory Governments, companies and associations. A protocol of the ratifications deposited shall thereupon be drawn up by the International Board of Entreps which shall keep copies thereof.

4. The Governments, companies, associations and other agents signatory to the present Magna Carta, which ratify it after it has come into force, will become original members of the International Board of Entreps on the date of the deposit of their respective ratifications.

Article 111: Languages

The present Magna Carta, of which the English, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Hebrew, Malay, Korean, and Dutch texts are equally authentic, shall remain deposited in the archives of the Founder of the International Board of Entreps. Duly certified copies thereof shall be transmitted by the Founder to the Presidency of the other signatory agents.

IN FAITH WHEREOF the representatives of the Members of the International Board of Entreps have signed the present Magna Carta. DONE at the city of Brussels the twenty-sixth day of June, two thousand and fourteen.