Chapter XVIII: Influential Personalities

Article 108: Egos’ Clan

Human beings are clans of egos socializing and trying to be part of more-or-less selective groups, which does not guarantee a complete confluence of interests, but at least facilitates cohabitation. One of the advantages of this reality is that egos resign to hedonism if they find celebrities worthy of being followed. As a consequence, We, the Entreps of the World, can take advantage of the influential people leading every Egos’ Clan in order for them to spread the word. So, choose your celebrity mate to be an active part of our International Board of Entreps lobby and prioritize the search for the most entreping ones.

Article 109: Approximation

1. Prioritize the incorporation of successful business people avoiding exploiters.

2. Prioritize the incorporation of opinion leaders avoiding smoke sellers.

3. Prioritize the incorporation of decision-makers avoiding conspirators and liars.