www.entreps.org Awarded

We were just guests there, then, unexpectedly, @JoaquinBoston was pointed to walk up onto the stage on behalf of www.entreps.org to be mentioned by www.bestfranchiseeoftheworld.com

Our numerous franchise & franchisees’ related members feel proud of it. That prize encourages us to back up as many as possible business people, business owners and entrepreneurs (entreps). Thank you.

The grand Gala was held at the ancient Santa Coloma’s Palace. The Ballon d’Or for franchisees selected the best three among them now heading Florence Firenze, “Thank you to the Jury, we are well aware that the stars are they”: @Lizarran (@ComessGroup), @Interdomicilio (Antón sisters) and @Botica_Perfumes (Amparo Álvarez), told us @JoaquinBoston . For twitter,-

President @JoaquinBoston had the privilege to have open conversations and to listen interesting talks from Presidents Manuel Vescovi & Andrea Lazzari @ElEconomistaEs @BFWspain @BancoSabadell @AEFranquiciador @barbadilloasoc @bestfranchisee @franquimedia @FranquiVigo @JuanCarlosMart4 @SabadellCAM 

“President Manuel Vescovi spoke to everyone then walked around, always with his family, he was The-Humble-Guy, congrats”, said President @JoaquinBoston, then added “Andrea Lazzari, assisted by Giorgio, Carlos and the crew had assembled mass media, diplomats, business owners, competitors and the Jury, just great.”

www.entreps.org has a message to the winners: “Head Florence with honesty & intelligence, then business will just come.”

Come to: Florence Firenze, December 6, 2014. 
Do remember: Manuel Vescovi
Do remember: www.bestfranchiseeoftheworld.com

By Rachelle Prol

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