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6th Global Entreps Awards and 5Gcitizens International Congress

Entreps, the International Board of Sustainable Businesses and Global Innovation, partners the United Nations and starts now receiving applications for the 6th Global Entreps Awards.

Before that, in September 2020 we kicked off together the 5th Global Entreps Awards over the UNGA75, with the former Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Mr. Ban Ki-moon and Mrs. Amina J. Mohammed as Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Group, among other main global actors as the EU Institutions.

The 5th Global Entreps Awards & 5Gcitizens International Congress had been launched at the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York (The USA) and in Abuja (Nigeria), running beyond up until the end of 2022; even over the Pandemic, though with not few logical difficulties for those two last years, due to the loss of amazing projects and also team members on the way, unfortunately because of the virus and its collateral effects.

Nevertheless, we are now back on track, fortunately, and start by giving a second chance to those projects who could not produce properly over the Pandemic, the international conflict created by Russia in 2022 and the successive economic and social crisis that grew along. In fact, we still plan to release some stories from that edition, as a tribute to those who made the effort to produce, event under much pressure and suffering.

For the 6th edition, we target each of the 17 SDGs by the United Nations, as well as key technologies such as AI or 5G for Sustainability, Innovation, Responsible Business Undertaking and Good Governance, in 126 countries. The next Awards Gala will take place in 2024, in a format still to be decided.

The International Congress along the Awards always includes several local activities such as planting trees or teaching kids, and up to 126 additional international activities through our Global Jurors and partners.

The panels always cover the 17 SDGs Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, plus other outstanding roundtables: 75th Anniversary of the UN, Aerospace, AI Artificial Intelligence, Sports, Africa, Youth and the Elderly, Net-zero Emissions, Circular Economy and Agriculture, 5G and Start-ups, Self-driven Vehicles, Blockchain, Tourism, Islands and Indigenous Communities, Academia and Applied Research, Free Speech, a Global 5G Citizen Being a Role Model to Others.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this edition becomes a 100% on-line. You can always propose your congress, workshop, webinar, masterclass or your alternative dynamic event to be included in the Program/Agenda! Just write to protocol@entreps.org to schedule and co-organise together, between our teams.


We, the peoples of the world, advocate theUN Sustainable development Goals -SDGs- and sustainable businesses as those compatible with good governance and environmental protection, using cutting-edge breakthroughs and caring for recent and future generations at all times.

Sustainable means eco-friendly and still feasible in ten years from now.


Entreps, the International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, is the finest global network of networks comprised of active authorities, business actors, associations, researchers, diplomats, innovators, public figures and influential citizens committed together to sustainability and good governance, now and forever.

Established on 26th June 2010, innovation driven, the non-profit and nonpartisan Entreps is the global multi-stakeholder leading organization rewarding the achievements and true stories of success of those who envision and lead businesses, governments, researches, or projects in search of sustainability, as described set by the United Nations.

We raise awareness and connect the dots facilitating public-private partnerships worldwide.

1,000 Global Jurors

Become Our Global Juror

The Global Jurors are active authorities, business actors, associations, researchers, diplomats,innovators, public figures and influential citizens committed together to sustainability and good governance, now and forever.
Ever since 2015, when the UN set the Sustainable Development Goals, Entreps gathers together and coordinates over 1,000 Global Jurors (delegates) from 126 countries, our green fuel to feed the Global Jury with paramount projects, initiatives and public figures who make a difference implementing our main targets.
The Global Jurors, who cover all fields of expertise, are assembled in a Circular Board around 30 different Chapters (below), being the President of each one a public figure. On the other hand, each Secretary-General belongs to a company or organization particularly committed to that certain goal, to facilitate public-private partnerships for the goals.