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Becoming our Adherent Member, either globally or just for a certain region of the world, makes you feel part of the greatest universal organization for business people and entrepreneurs and gives you the opportunity of getting your official certificate, of meeting other members and ambassadors, of proposing business initiatives and measures to governments and companies, of achieving our goals, of becoming entrepreneurs or business people and of transforming Society.

It is for free, though we highly recommend contributing to the sustainability of your organization, The International Board of Entrepreneurs (Entreps) as the others do, since we are international and have plenty of expenditures to reach our/your goals.

Apply for getting your new position and certificate, then swear or affirm our Magna Carta, and feel free to contribute up to the amount you can afford as your personal membership fee.

At the moment, if you want more information about us before you apply or/and pay funds into the International Board of Entrepreneurs, please feel free to contact our development key team at