Fellow Members

Becoming our Fellow Member as an organizational Adherent Member to the International Board of Entrepreneurs, gives you the opportunity of being presented to our Ambassadors and members (and to other governments and companies as well), of being present in our General Assemblies, of being exposed in our Fellows’ online area and of being part of our jury for awarding business projects, entrepreneurs, companies and governments worldwide in our Entreps Awards Galas.

The Fellow Members are associations, companies helping entrepreneurs and business people, governments, foundations, investors’ groups, clusters, universities… helping the International Board of Entrepreneurs achieve our goals.

The Fellow Members’ fee starts at 1,000 euros per year and goes up to 200,000 euros per year depending on the size and budget each entity has. Part of the fee can be a payment in kind.

The Fellow Members apply for getting their conditions, are free to swear or affirm our Magna Carta to incorporate it into their corporate social responsibility policy, and can identify up to two people from its entity to become ambassadors on our behalf.

if you would like more information about us before you apply or/and pay funds to the International Board of Entrepreneurs, please feel free to contact our development team at fellow@entreps.org