Entreps Awardee recognised as The Best Interactive Digital Classroom for soft skills and attitude

Here some of the recent activities of one of awardees for the 5th Global Entreps Awards:

“The global success of MindFit’s highly revered and accredited Leadership Development Programmes that guarantee business improvement have been in the blue chip business market since 1998.

But it wasn’t until 2004, when a chance meeting of school governors and Sir Ken Robinson did one of the founders of MindFit, CEO Neville Gaunt consider an alternative to developing soft skills in students.

During 2004-2012 Neville Gaunt was a governor at several schools and led many employability programmes to sixth form students introducing the Mind Fit Leadership process along the way. It was ad-hoc series of workshops focused on attitude and soft skills and fulfilled a need but there was no formality despite the significant results when compared to other services.

Even today, it’s assumed these skills are learned along the students journey.

Your Passport2Grow- YP2G was finally born in late 2013 as Neville Gaunt was asked to develop an employability programme for 3rd year undergraduates at Greenwich University in London, UK. Through a series of lectures, seminars and paper-based team exercises the programme was delivered over a period of 4 days and the students were to work on their project for final delivery some 3 months later to a team of successful business entrepreneurs. The context and outcomes of this specific project can be read here http://www.mindfitltd.com/employability-view-experienced-recruitment-specialist/

Since it’s birth YP2G has taken over a million students through the process and developed bit-sized online programmes that not only develop a good work ethic, attitude and soft skills but lay the foundations for entrepreneurial success.

On receiving the unexpected award from SME News for Best Interactive Digital Classroom Neville Gaunt said “it’s a great day for all our students to see their certificates from YP2G have real value on the world stage. It was a great surprise to hear we were nominated and that we’d beaten all the completion in the same Award notification letter!
It reminds me of the same feeling I had when Entreps gave us an award!”

The challenge for YP2G is to make their process part of each country’s schools curriculum and an automatic choice that all Heads of Education make, knowing it’s the missing link for young people to succeed.”

Neville Gaunt

Our Chairman, Joaquin V. Boston, personally endorses YP2G’s fine work, for its consistent work towards the UN SDGs over the years.

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