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Empowering marginalized groups by recycling e-waste

A Pilot Project in Nepal BackgroundThe digital transformation has been changing our lives massively. Still not everyone is provided with access to the digitalworld even though it could be considered a fundamental right.This is where JCI Nepal’s e-library comes in. Recycled e-waste is distributed via an e-library that supports marginalizedgroups. People who lack skills in […]

Entreps named Human Rights Reporters Ghana the recipient of 5th Global Entreps Awards

Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), a dynamic media and human rights advocacy non-governmental organization from Ghana, has been named the winner of the 5th UN Global Entreps Awards The prestigious accolade was conferred upon HRRG and its founder Joseph Kobla Wemakor for impactful Nationwide Sensitization Campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy, and Tramadol/Drug Abuse (‘KTT Project’), […]

Upholding rights and contributing to achieving the SDGs: thestory of Human Rights Reporters Ghana

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) was founded in February 2019 with the goal of putting an end to the increasing human rights violations, promoting peace and justice, and empowering women in Ghana and beyond in order to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030.  HRRG is a dynamic non-governmental organization that […]

Entreps Awardee recognised as The Best Interactive Digital Classroom for soft skills and attitude

Here some of the recent activities of one of awardees for the 5th Global Entreps Awards: “The global success of MindFit’s highly revered and accredited Leadership Development Programmes that guarantee business improvement have been in the blue chip business market since 1998. But it wasn’t until 2004, when a chance meeting of school governors and […]

Our United Nations… by Thakur S. Powdyel

Our United Nations: 75 Years on… One war too many; one misery, all miseries; one dream, all dreams… This was the context, extent, and intent that led to the founding of the United Nations Organisation from the ashes of the Second World War that engulfed humanity on a scale unprecedented and desolation unimaginable. The United […]

Entreps Partnership with Creative Youth Community Development Initiative

Entreps partners now the Creative Youth Community Development Initiative (CYCDI) to deploy Solution17. This partnership works towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as a way to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and prepare for the 5th Global Entreps Awards and 5Gcitizens International Congress, to take place in Seville on 25th to 27th of […]