Chapter I: Purposes and Principles

Article 1:  The International Board of Entreps

The Purposes of the International Board of Entreps are:

1. To unite our strength to create and link together entreping environments, either regionally, or sector by sector, or just depending on the size of any given ventures, and to that end: to take effective individual and collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to innovation, and for the suppression of acts of limitation or other breaches of the freedom of starting up sustainable ventures, and to bring about, by reasonable means and in conformity with the principles of national and international laws, adjustment or settlement of international disparities or situations which might lead to generate obstacles to business development;

2. To develop friendly relations and new ventures among small, medium and large companies and governments, based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of every single initiative, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal trading;

3. To achieve international co-operation for giving youth, especially from early ages and for the rest of their lives, the proper mechanism to think and act maturely by making decisions and doing things in more effective and efficient ways, with the desirable and due respect to our planet, without distinction as to nationality, race, sex, language, opinion, or religion; and

4. To be a center for harmonizing the actions of companies and governments in the attainment of these common ends.

Article 2: Principles        

The Organization and its members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles.

1. The Organization is based on the principle of the autonomous equality of all its members, whether small, medium or large, or governments themselves.

2. All members, in order to ensure the rights and benefits resulting from membership to all of them, shall fulfill in good trust the obligations they assume in accordance with the present Magna Carta.

3. All members shall settle their conversations and agreements by righteous means in such a manner that international trading and deals, and future impacts, are not endangered.

4. All members shall refrain in their international relations from taking advantage of the lost in translation effect and, on the contrary, shall find new ways of understanding each other with the aim of strengthening mutual confidence in their way of doing business permanently.

5. All members will be asked to give the International Board of Entreps assistance in any action it takes in accordance with the present Magna Carta, and to avoid giving assistance to any agent going against what the International Board of Entreps stands for. Nevertheless, every agent is autonomous to create and maintain its own policies and measures even if they go against the opinion of others.

6. The Organization shall try to achieve that not only governments, but also companies, influential personalities and regular people, act in accordance with these Principles as far as may be necessary for the encouragement of international sustainable trading.

7. Nothing contained in the present Magna Carta shall authorize the International Board of Entreps to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any company or government, or shall require the members to submit such matters to be settled under the present Magna Carta; but this principle shall not prejudice the application of recommendations for doing better in the future.