Chapter XVI: Capitalers

Article 102: Capitalers

1. Resources give energy to business development, above all when transforming from a stage to another, so We, the Entreps of the World, need this type of investor: Capitalers, either offering credit (at an interest rate), or money (with a promise of profitability and/or shares and more), or advice, or time, or just other resources like premises, offices, warehouses, laboratories, vehicles, machinery, commercial networks, a quota of innovation, etc.

2. Investors in general, particularly Capitalers offering not only money but other resources as well, usually do not want their identity to be revealed, so we should try to contact them without exposing their positions and privacy, but, as a part of the entrepment cycle, they have to be compensated for the risk they assume.

Article 103: Threetwone

Three, Two, One: Start-Up! To investors you have to present exactly what they seek, and every one of them is different so you will find investors looking for a rapid profit equation, others looking for a long-term relation expecting stability from any bubble, others wanting to be part of the management, others buying your project to take over and dismiss you, starters, as soon as possible, others undercover by a trademark, others just betting on you no matter your competences but for your appearance, others gathering together as a crowd to encourage you, others giving you what they have plenty of, others being just family and friends, others trying to diversify through you, others by public stamps helping you as a matter of distribution, etc. So, be well aware that you are the origin of this, so you should stop selling it quickly to get cash right away, and should think of the forty-nine percent of your business project being sold to get what you lack and the fifty-one percent to be kept until you are big enough to share it.

Article 104: Be Focused

Investors are not your friends, nor do they look for your friendship, but for your potential profitability in terms of money or in terms of success, so wake up you entreps because you are diamonds to investors if you are clear about: “who are your customers?!” and “why is your business project profitable?!”, and, in terms of character, that they be enthusiastic, rigorous, focused, good speakers, better negotiators, collaborative, open-minded, and honest, plus being well-skilled and built, and, just in case, having a degree. To repeat: you entreps have to know why your business project is profitable and who your customers are, and you must be rigorous, enthusiastic and focused on your project!

Article 105: A Leader to Your Project

1. Investors represent monetary interests and they usually do not act like managers, nor friends, nor donors. Otherwise they have just faith in you and you are in trouble.

2. Investors back your business project because you convince them to do so. Be a leader to your project or say bye-bye.

3. If an investor trusts you, others will come, so keep shares for new investors for when you have grown or expanded.