Chapter XVII: Mentor Art

Article 106: Listen

Mentors can become a close part of you, and they take care of your potential profitability in terms of money, success, and life-long credibility to markets, so be well-aware, you entreps, because mentors deliver you experience and the devil’s advocate vision you lack. You diamonds do not be arrogant either by believing you know everything or shutting yours ears to others’ advice. In terms of character, ask for council to keep you enthusiastic, rigorous, focused, good speakers, better negotiators, collaborative, open-minded, and honest, plus well-skilled and built.

Article 107: Added value

Amongst mentors, try to find those especially critical of you if their criticism is based on reasons and examples. Those mentors usually shake your foundations looking for pitfalls to be repaired, for the best, but distinguish them from just killjoys depressing you entreps. Some types of mentors contain an added value because: of their insights (let’s say bold people with plenty of thoughts); of their business experience (let’s say business people keeping a great record of failures); of their networks (let’s say connectors, for example); of their high education (let’s say business schools’ alumni); or just because of their known nose for business.