Introductory Statement: Entreps

The Magna Carta of the “International Board of Entreps” (entrepreneurs) has been designed on the basis of a new highly connected and global Earth where “We, the Entreps of the World” have the right, and the responsibility, to recover ancient practices and find new paths for doing business in a sustainable manner. Our members may disagree with some our own proposals or may even have different ones but we all are tolerant and respect diversity of cultures, nurturing and customs. This manner takes advantage of the key opportunities of communicating in different languages, buying and selling abroad, forming international partnerships, listening to experimented experts from every nationality, and living in friendly environments to youth, innovation, technology and science.

“We, the Entreps of the World” offer jobs, we are pioneers, people who are considering starting a business, or are already running a venture. Our individual right to be called: “Entrep,” will last until our new business activity has formally passed the age of ten years old. Our business movement is named “Entrepment” and the proper adjective to describe us is “Entreping.” Our verb is “to Entrep;” he or she “Entreps” when doing what has been stated above.

You are sympathetically described as “Entrepy” when inconsistent, if claiming to be called entreping without doing anything but talking the talk. Finally, a person or an institution affiliated with this environment is an “Entrepal.” These words and concepts are international, and remain similar amongst every language.

Since we believe that the youth is our future, and that senior experience provides added value to new decisions, we support business mentoring as a means of making improvements, and balancing teaching vs. learning as a step of building self-sufficient new adults.

We then try to achieve international co-operation for giving youth, especially from a very early age and throughout the rest of their lives, the proper mechanism of thinking and acting maturely through decision-making and doing things in more effective and efficient ways, with desirable and rightful respect to our planet, without distinction as to nationality, race, sex, language, opinion, or religion. Our Magna Carta has the very same structure, chapters, articles and paragraphs as the 1945 United Nations charter has, though our content is completely made up of Entreps’ insights (entrepreneurs). We apologize because some of its paragraphs are too long for readers, but we dream of becoming the United Nations for Entreps sixty nine years from then, and this formal nuisance to some readers helps us to reach international notoriety and impact in exchange.