Chapter XV: Call Us Entreps

Article 97: Entreps

We, the Entreps of the World deliver jobs, we are pioneers, people thinking of starting a business or already running a business venture, and our individual right to be called: “Entrep” lasts until our new business activity has formally aged to ten years old. By running a business venture individually you are “an entrep”, and by being a collective or a bunch of them you have the right to be called “entreps”. Many entreps are just wrong, naïve or not experimented (so they will mature over time, as a regular process of growing), but other alleged entreps are no more than static smoke newcomers taking advantage of something, and they cannot be called entreps at all.

Article 98: To Entrep

We, the Entreps of the World, are mainly proactive, so we need an agile verb to describe our activity: “to entrep”, so I entrep, you entrep, she/he entreps, we entrep, you entrep and they entrep. In the past “I have entreped” or “I entreped”. In the future “I will entrep”.

Article 99: Entrepment

The noun stating what we do is called “entrepment”.

Article 100: Entrepal

1. People and institutions around our ecosystems, being agents or just friends, are “Entrepal”, similarly working for singular and plural forms.

2. Financials, Investors, sponsors, boosters, executives, workers, speakers, commentators, mentors, critics, writers, hosts, evaluators, accelerators, etc. when being related to entrepment are “entrepal”.

Article 101: Entreping and Entrepy

1. We distinguish between people having the right to be called entreps and people just calling themselves entreps with no merit to it.

2. The proper adjective to describe an entrep is: “Entreping”, when well-intentioned, trying to entrep over and over and being successful or not, but only when active, serious and rigorous in your path.

3. You are sympathetically described as “Entrepy” when inconsistent, if claiming to be called entreping without doing anything but talking the talk, but do not be scared because there is a solution.