Chapter IX: Cross-border Business Projects

Article 55: Alliance

Reality is clear and borders are the main limits to commercialization, especially when you are a global entrep. Continental, national and regional regulations, custom duties and foreign taxation, and linguistic differences, just weaken or kill most of the business projects from being multinational, so we find that only a global and neutral entity like the International Board of Entreps, gathering together any of the following: investors, companies and governments from everywhere, can possibly change the situation. For facilitating the matching between agents who are helping and entreps, we catalogue boosting entreps and companies in these categories:
a)    Sector (based on the products or services they come to market with).
b)    Place (based on the places they produce and commercialize their products or services).
c)    Size (based on the amount of money they budget and invoice every year).

Article 56: Elevator Pitches

When entreps and investors, and the whole range of agents related to entrepment, speak different languages or dialects, it is almost impossible to do business properly and they usually get lost and quit working together. For this reason, the International Board highly recommends that any entrep from anywhere records his business project and gets his elevator pitch interpreted into the languages spoken by the potential investors, to shorten cultural and communication distances.

Article 57: Executive Summaries

1. Translating your business project into the language spoken by the potential investors you look for, makes a difference and adds value to your possibilities of being invested in.

2. Some of the potential investors are led by experts’ reports, by prescribers’ scoring, and by public opinion, so the quicker you translate your whole business project and catalogue of products and services into the potential investors’ language, the sooner you can cross borders and sell abroad.

Article 58: Investors’ Role

Money has no motherland, so investors are really welcome to our International Board of Entreps since We, the Entreps of the World, are mainly global and need investors everywhere. At the same time investors look for outstanding business ventures willing to be acquired or just accelerated. Given this, we are glad to know and identify for you the investors of the World.

Article 59: Sponsors’ Role

Big and medium size companies usually want to boost new ones, either pro bono or by acquiring shares in exchange, so we target these companies as our potential sponsors, helping the International Board of Entreps make our duties real.

Article 60: Public Services Role

Public services seek to know what their citizens want and really need at certain moments of history, so the International Board of Entreps, delivering international, national, regional and local reports, aspires to be the independent and well-informed advisor that these powers need in advance. Public services want to broadcast their new initiatives, and above all, to measure these initiatives’ results to calibrate their impact and rewrite them when necessary, and the International Board of Entreps is the proper partner again.