Chapter XI: Do Respect the Earth and Honesty

Article 73: The Earth

For entreps who have active minds and dreaming projects, it is not just about business and profits, but above all about a sustainable Earth where we do not just contemplate the World waiting for something to happen, so we act as a key agent on Earth. We, the Entreps of the World, should contribute with our incomes and enterprises:

a. to green the Earth.

b. to blue the Sky.

c. to clean the Oceans and other streams.

d. to respect other animals’ lives, since we are animals as well.

e. to sow plants and trees where they have disappeared.

Article 74: Honesty

For entreps, who are sociable and who have strong wills and positive energy, it is not just about business and profits, but about being honest to others since society is essential for long-term relations between human beings, so that just alone by ourselves we entreps are no longer entreps.